Sarntal Alps v1 fs2015

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Welcome to the Sarntal Alps!
Hereby I would ever share a preview version of my first map with you. What began with the initial installation of the GE 2 months ago, culminating now in a standalone map.

unique mountain world with large radius (4xMap on 2.5x reduced)
Singleplayer map for beginners and advanced
Focusing on multi-level economic activities (multi use of crop varieties)
Money instead of launch vehicles leaves you free to choose what you want to do first


Integrated Mods:
Cattle fattening 5.0 (Marhu)
Goose Mast 1.0 (Farmer_Andy)
BGA (Manuel_MWT)
Sawmill 2 Rivers (Festus)
Mixing Station (Marhu)
Fruit Farm by Kastor
Apfelmod (mor2000)
Verarbeitung_Verkauf (Rosenthaler_ROS)
Vegetable growing (Rosenthaler_ROS)
Fertilizer & seed production (Rosenthaler_ROS)
Lettuce Trigger (Rosenthaler_ROS)
Compost Master (Farmer_Andy
Milkmax (Farmer_Andy)
Additional fruit: clover (alfalfa) + textures (Gene Borg)
Slurry manure Mod
Trigger Extended


Still needed mods:
Krone Emsland (Multitrailer)
Kotte Universal (liquids)
Fliegl transportation Pack (animals for slaughter)

In addition, helpful:
Telescopic loader bucket


The map is not yet final! Warning and Error is known. I’m interested in feedback on the structure of the map and how it can be played. The mapsize is currently 700MB. Tested only in Single Player. No multiplayer support. Please ask questions only after long testing and viewing of images. Otherwise the respective Mod (see links). Support only modhoster.

sarntal-alps-fs2015_24 sarntal-alps-fs2015_23 sarntal-alps-fs2015_22 sarntal-alps-fs2015_21 sarntal-alps-fs2015_20 sarntal-alps-fs2015_19 sarntal-alps-fs2015_18 sarntal-alps-fs2015_17 sarntal-alps-fs2015_16 sarntal-alps-fs2015_15 sarntal-alps-fs2015_14 sarntal-alps-fs2015_13 sarntal-alps-fs2015_12 sarntal-alps-fs2015_11 sarntal-alps-fs2015_10 sarntal-alps-fs2015_9 sarntal-alps-fs2015_8 sarntal-alps-fs2015_7 sarntal-alps-fs2015_6 sarntal-alps-fs2015_5 sarntal-alps-fs2015_4 sarntal-alps-fs2015_3 sarntal-alps-fs2015_2

Authors:Mapdesign und Modintegration: Seba_S_Tian
Veränderungen nur zum Privatgebrauch.

Uploaded By :
Farming mods

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