Same Laser 150 v1

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I present you an edited version of the Same Laser 150, all that was changed is the sound, HorsePower rating and removal of the fenders.

To go into more detail about this mod:

Back in FS2013, the Same Laser was uploaded and I immediately fell in love with it, for mainly one reason. On my Dairy Farm we have a variety of tractors, the most notable being our AGCO Allis 7630. For those of you who do not recognize that name, simply put it is the AGCO varient of the tractor in the mod you see before you. Therefore I had a mod that to me represents something I have in real life and could us in game.
Once FS15 came out, I tried desperatly to convert the mod over, but failed do to a lack of experience in doing such a thing. However, someone did convert it and I immediately downloaded. From here I made a few changes to suit my needs, and have now decided to re-upload it so that others may try it out, but also to bring back the mod into the spotlight.

To go into more detail about the mod, I have done as said above which is removed the fenders and make a few changes to the script to make it feel more “authentic” to the tractor in which I work with on my farm here at home. The one thing I didn’t change out of lack of experience, knowledge and programs, is the texture so that it is indeed my AGCO. The most notable feature about the tractor I own and what has been implemented into the mod, was the sound. Although not a perfect remake, the sound is that of my AGCO, which runs on a straight pipe muffler, instead of the original. Therefore it’s pretty loud.

To conclude, I’d like to remind everyone that this is just an edit of a mod, it is in no way original to me. It was a first published by Beaver Modding for FS2013, and then later converted to FS15 by EpicPrydaMods. Therefore they should receive the credit for the original work.

Anyway I hope everyone likes the mod, and even better the changes I’ve made, but once again I do not take credit for making the mod. If you feel the need to thank anyone, thank the original converters and makers.

Authors:Original Mod, Beaver Modding (FS2013 Version)
Conversion: EpicPrydaMods
Edit: Anonymous 

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