Saaletal Map FS 2015 v3

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The SaaletalMap is the Standartmap from LS2011.
Anyone who has played my versions of the Saale valley and Burgenlandkreis Maps then, knows what to expect.
The landscape and particularly the fields have been changed because it does not like it when everything is straight and level. That it is not so in real life. To see and hear there are all over the map a bit. Look around easily.
The Home Fleet will allow you to get started the same. There are also already ordered some fields.

It is the MapDoorTrigger needed, otherwise you can the gates at the port ud your courts do not open.


Recommended addition:

ChoppedStraw v15.0.03 and v15.0.05

- (livestock)
(Water Transport)

All of this was made possible only by Deere 8530 and his temple Mod Team. Your converted LS11 Map forms the Grundlage.Dafür my heartfelt thanks.
Now a lot of fun.

saaletal-map-2015-v3-0_27-fs2015 saaletal-map-2015-v3-0_26-fs2015 saaletal-map-2015-v3-0_25 saaletal-map-2015-v3-0_24-fs2015 saaletal-map-2015-v3-0_23-fs2015 saaletal-map-2015-v3-0_22-fs2015 saaletal-map-2015-v3-0_21-fs2015 saaletal-map-2015-v3-0_20-fs2015 saaletal-map-2015-v3-0_19-fs2015 saaletal-map-2015-v3-0_18-fs2015 saaletal-map-2015-v3-0_17-fs2015 saaletal-map-2015-v3-0_16-fs2015 saaletal-map-2015-v3-0_15-fs2015 saaletal-map-2015-v3-0_14-fs2015 saaletal-map-2015-v3-0_13-fs2015 saaletal-map-2015-v3-0_12-fs2015 saaletal-map-2015-v3-0_11-fs2015 saaletal-map-2015-v3-0_10-fs2015 saaletal-map-2015-v3-0_9-fs2015 saaletal-map-2015-v3-0_8-fs2015 saaletal-map-2015-v3-0_7-fs2015 saaletal-map-2015-v3-0_6-fs2015 saaletal-map-2015-v3-0_5-fs2015 saaletal-map-2015-v3-0_4-fs2015 saaletal-map-2015-v3-0_3-fs2015 saaletal-map-2015-v3-0_2 saaletal-map-2015-v3-0_1

Authors:Deere 8530 und sein Mod Tempel Team 

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