Rothenkirchen v1 FS 2015 map

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Hi everybody, now I want you to meet my new map Rothenkirchen.
Rothenkirchen is a place on the island of Ruegen directly on the B96. Well I tried the gegeng as good as it went replicate Google Maps is certainly a great help ;-). That should each wants to play they say (it is not friendly helper).

What has been installed:
-Seedmaster 2k16 (Farmer_Andy)
-Beetmaster (Farmer_Andy
-Schweinefutterproduktionskette (Farmer_Andy)
-versiedene feedlots v5.0.0 (Farmer_Andy, Marhu)
-Sägewerk (Marhu)
-new fruit varieties (clover, alfalfa, oats)

It is important that you need
-64erfix ( )
-Multifrucht ( )
-Multimowing ( )
-Animationsmaptrigger ( )

These are just recommendations:
– ( )
– ( )

So I think that it should have been first.

Thanks to all those who wants the objects I have installed:
Farmer_Andy, Devin, Marhu, wannabe farmer and all who find themselves.

Mfg hirsch6920

Uploaded By :
Farming mods

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Author: Modell: hirsch6920 Textur: Script: Marhu/Farmer-Andy Idee / Konzept: hirsch6920 Tester: Haju,hirschijuniior, hirsch6920 Sonstige:

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