Rolo Excavator Forest Pack (Beta)

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Today we will share a model that every player in the sighting because it comes well Map of Shovel DC and that can be seen as a loader Sand in map Slovak, Suitable for Model Claw by FDR, the arm and the turret is adapted to its bridge and its tracks of Original Model, Model 2 are proposed the Simple with his pliers and model ATA Demo, This mod is not realistic to after this I heard and I repond them great Yes, Certe have the Model Demolition Company offers us but Giants of the Forest trees and basic tools but no new machine, no project from them for what does not care a Giants can the community since we simply provide you modder of equipment for our enjoyment and for your forest, Many thanks all the same has Timber131, etc .. Dinamix to offer us such beautiful mod for the forest. This mod is Functional but not yet all these Improvements since other project is underway to me, Some adjustment of the clamp croyer me but it’s not so easy is that its area, I hope in any case that these two shovel will help you for your future in construction Forestier breasts Farming Simulator 2015

Jordan Chaleil, Serge44

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Farming mods

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