Rogator 1386 sprayer

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RoGator products are specially designed to apply fertilizer, protective farm chemicals and nutrients to the field. Today’s RoGators feature powerful engines and improved drive systems to power through the toughest field conditions. They can also be equipped with advanced systems from AGCO Advanced Technology Solutions to assist professional farmers with precision farming, data management and compliance with environmental regulations.

This RoGator is a conversion from the original FS11 mod by xyzspain. It uses the original rogatorsprayer lua that has been converted for FS13. All features work in Single Player. This sprayer can be used in Multiplayer but only the host can view all the animations.

It features many animations such as operable pedals, folding ladder, positional mirrors, extendable axles, folding boom that also raises and lowers.


  • “INFOHUD” =”KEY_KP_0″
  • “Blinker_LEFT” =”KEY_KP_1″
  • “Hazards” 1=”KEY_KP_2″
  • “Blinker_RIGHT” =”KEY_KP_3″
  • “Change Steering Mode” =”KEY_u”
  • “fold/unfold sprayer boom”=”KEY_x”
  • “LEFT_DOOR” =”KEY_KP_5″
  • “Extend/Retract axles” = “Left Ctrl and KP4, KP6”
  • “Raise/Lower Boom” = “Left Ctrl and KP8 and KP2”
  • “MIRRORS_UP” =”KEY_KP_8″
  • “LADDER” =”KEY_KP_9″
  • “Turn On/Off Spray” = “Key B”

Original Model & Scripts: xyzspain
Edits & Conversion: BigCountry

Uploaded By :
Farming mods

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