Ringwoods v4 by Stevie Multifruit

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V4 Update details.
New field ground textures by melfoy.
Custom grass base layer.
Custom grass edge foliage.
Matched grass distance map.
Updated PDA.
KevinK98’s woodworking on a new lot at MH timber.
Mngrazy Damage Mod ready.
Compostmaster 2k16.
New compost textures.
New compost embedded fill planes and particles.
New multifruit file tested with my other maps.
Updated modesc and lua files show full economy.
Salad Greenhouses now only use seeds2.
Salad Greenhouse seed bins texture updated to seeds 2
South Farm silo fixed.
Mips added where needed to prevent sparkling.
Seed2 added to the north silo.
Salad silo removed and replaced with a seedmaster2k16.
New silo information boards and white signs.
New open south farm yard.
Potato washers replaced.
Ground markers added where needed.
Seeds2 holding after save fixed.
New latest water mod by Marhu.
New water mod spray troughs by Spieler11.
Cow nav mesh adjusted.
Chicken zone troughs fill rates adjusted.
All modular storage unloading triggers enlarged.
All field dimensions correctly set and orientated.
Shed changed at main farm for better access to the seedmaster with larger sowing machines.
All trees replaced. 

Start a new game, DO NOT try to use an old gamesave with this new version you will have problems that I won’t support.

Unzip the package and place all of the files into your mod folder.

Ringwoods has a unique multifruit config file and it must be used or you will have problems with AI workers and fruit handling. This new file also works with Lakeside, Michigan and Black Rock Valley.

Update Information.

Dual map packaged SSS and HSS versions in one file set and an English mini tutorial.
Soilmod Added.
Compost_soil swapped to compost and made spreadable in the map.
V1.41 BGA added with my new V3 all in one sunken tip point exclusive to this map first.
Soilmod Tanks added to the main farm.
Mips added to every map texture no more sparkling textures in Ringwoods.
Modular storage from Lakeside updated and added to all 3 farms in Ringwoods.
Layout changes to the north and south farm yards.
Windrow added for oat and soybean.
Windrow heights adjusted.
Fruit farm added.
New salad factory with lettuce, red cabbage and cauliflower greenhouses.
Free range chicken zone.
New field layouts with larger field end turning areas on the larger fields.
Distance Hill Added.
Field edges cleaned up.
New tree textures.
Old road textures removed and just gravel and asphalt used.
New updated PDA map.
New pallet movers added including the sheep zone with auto sell point at the ends.
All town sidewalks cleaned up, dirt and debris removed.
Extra embedded fill planes and unloading particles now included for manure, compost and more.
Multifruit file updated all standard vehicles, cutters, seeders and trailers work with everything in the map. Balers and forage wagons will work with the new windrows.
Bale to store by Ifkonator added to straw, grass, silage and manure storage.
Texture work and hundreds of small fixes done all around the map.
Sales triggers updated.


 Other Features.
Millions to be made in forestry on the pre planted full boundary forestry trails.
Multifruit, cotton, sorghum, soybean, soybean windrow, oat, oat windrow and sunflowers.
3 placeable fenced areas. 4 sawmills 3 on the boundary with log sell points and wood chip sell points, MH timber at the station with the Sageworx sawmill by Marhu with modified unloading deck and train send off with bonus.
3 Farms.
Seedmaster machine.
MilkMax Machine.
Milk Sales.
BeetMaster Machine.
Compost Master machine.
PigForage Machine.
Potato Washer.
Potato Steamer.
Water Mod.
Chopped Straw Mod.
Embedded particles and fill planes for all fruit now special modded vehicles required.
Auto egg collection on the main farm.
Tested with soil mod and course play and dedicated servers.
5 Animal Fattening mast’s and much more.

This map was designed to play on our systems and it does perfectly as intended with no log errors. However Ringwoods has twice the amount of objects in the map than any of my other maps and over 4 times the amount of the standard WestBridge map. I understand that not everyone will be able to play this map even the SSS version requires a good PC system to run a playable frame rate especially when the map is running at full tilt and you have AI drivers working as well. Things that may help you with frame rate, cut down trees, use less AI, have less mods in the map or spread them out, have less installed mods running at the same time in the map example just one salad greenhouse for instance instead of all 3. It’s not ideal but like I said this was always designed to run on our systems.

Hours spent on this update over 200.

Hello people here is an update to my Ringwoods Map it is now upto date with some new mods and toys form Marhu, Farmer_Andy, RC_Devil and Eisbearg.

Here’s the list of Ringwoods V2 updates and new features.
1 2 Planted owned fields ready for harvest.
2 2 new forestry areas 1 at the side of MH timber and one behind the Town Lake near the diner.
3 New cleaned xml code and performance tweaks. …
4 Updated PDA Map.
5 Milk Sales.
6 UHT Milk Max machine at the dairy.
7 The Salad Factory’s yard has been reworked and now has everything needed on site like BlackRock.
8 BlackRock version trees have Replaced the original.
9 BeetPulp Machine installed at the main farm.
10 New silo’s at the main farm for Forage and BeetPulp.
11 Egg collector at the main farm.
12 Signs on all silo’s.
13 Fencing is all but gone.
14 New Water Effects.
15 Embedded fill planes and particles for the new product outputs.
16 The SageWorks sawmill has had it trigger and floor reconfigured.
17 The North Farm has a reconfigured yard.
18 Working wood and grain trains have been installed at the towns station, tip triggers updated.
19 Animal mast’s havebeen updated from V3 to V5 and this Means The map now has pigs, beef, chickens, cows and sheep fattening installations. 3 at the North Farm and 2 at the South Farm. CMP has to updated animal sell trigger.
20 Pig Forage Master trailer version is installed at the North Farm alongwith steamed potato shed, pig forage silo and a forage silo.
21 Vehicle storage added to the North Farm.
22 The South Farms yard is reconfigured and a potato waher and steamer havebeen added here alongwith compost store and steamed potato storage.
23 Pallet movers havebeen installed at the SageWorks sawmill, salad factory, Dairy Milk and max potatowasher to steamer pallet feed system.
24 Forage silo added to the South Farm.
25 Forage and conveyors removed for the original feed gate at all farms.
26 Natural conveyor ground markers added.
27 Many more trees for added forestry.
28 Many minor tweaks to areas.
29 Many redundant items removed from the map and filesystem.
Tweaked 30 Digital readouts with less flicker and reflection.

31 Farmer_Andy’s Seedmaster installed at the main farm.
Everything else is the same as the previous v1.81. Thanks, Stevie.

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Farming mods

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Author: Original by Giant's, mod map by Stevie. Mods, models and scripts installed by. Marhu, Farmer_Andy, RC_Devil, Eisbearg, Upsidedown, melfoy, KevinK98, Spieler11 and Stevie.

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  1. c

    why cant i get it to load???????

  2. mikeaust

    There is a problem with the download for 3.3 711 mb map.
    First it went to a porn site.
    Then it showed no file available.
    Then it tried to download malware
    Tried three times so definitely something wrong.

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