Ringwoods Map V1.71

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V1.7 464mb zip, Ringwoods Map Update, Multiplayer YES. Map opimised via 2nd GE pass to reduce size. Ringwoods 1.71 is log error free .
Important Change: You need to unzip the file and you will have RingwoodsV17update and 5 other zip files plus a short notepad readme. Place all zip files in your mod folder. The included AnimationMapTrigger has the functions for the Gates, Roof and Doors to the new chicken fattening shed at the North Farm.
Starting equipment is better than basic and worth +999k if sold towards mods.
It would be a great help to others If you could comment on how this map performs with your PC system specs. This plays perfectly on our systems with settings set to HIGH and 2xAS , 2xAA enabled. Win7 64bit, 8gb Ram, Xeon quad core CPU’s and Geforce 670 MSI graphics cards.
For players new to Ringwoods the map was based on the original Westbridge map, it has a huge surrounding forestry trail which rings the full map on it’s pushed back boundarys without sacrificing any field space. To say a few trees are pre-planted is an understatment and it’s a fun place to take a break from farming with an off road pickup. Field layouts have been changed from the Westbridge original map to make a better operating environment. There are 3 large farms, Multiple ways to make money and places to sell. 3 sawmills and a main mill with Marhu’s sawmill at it’s center. Animal fattening pigs, beef and chickens, Compost factory, Farmer_Andy’s new salad factory, 3 fenced empty flat areas for placeable mods, a wool pallet collector and more. The trees have had photoshop work and so have most of the textures in the map making it a beautiful place to farm in.

Mods you will need:
Animal transport trailer like Marhu’s Joskin Betimax RDS7500, A multi trailer and shovel that can transport and tip compost, A multi tanker like Farmer_Andy’s Kotte Garant that can transport and fill water, fuel, fertilizer and liquid manure.

New For V1.71
The main farm silo trigger has been fixed.
The Farm silo’s have had a small change.
The main farm silo area in the yard has had a small change to it’s layout.
Several floating objects have been fixed.
Collision has been removed from all ash, oak and maple trees and the all the fence end post’s(NOT THE FENCING) this frees up extra resources.
The Voll duplicate warning has been fixed.
The Modesc has been rewritten and is fully UTF-8 compliant.
All reported sever issue’s have been addressed and all the reported wav and texture sizes have been resized/sampled to under reported limits needed.
A few more files have been removed from the map files resulting in a small zip package.
Several landscape issues have been corrected.
Digital Silo amounts have been added to the new farm silo’s but they flicker like the rest.
For now you no longer get paid for tipping at Ringwoods North or South Farms.
Payments have been increased by distance for deliving Perfect Produce to diner’s.
All the tree models replaced before rezip.
PDA Map Updated.


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Farming mods

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