Repositionable Silagesilo

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This silo has the same function as the standard silos (silage silos BGA). With the difference is that it saves space and the fermentation process is fluid, that is, it must not only be completely filled and then abgedeck, but it constantly creates silage.
The silos are replicas of the original silos of America Map.Es they are available in 2 different sizes.
capacity: 250000, silagePerHour: 5000 capacity: 375000, silagePerHour: 8000
Be filled silos with the normal varieties, Hechselgut, grass, hay.
At the level indicator you recognize how much material is present, the dark column shows the status of the silage.
In order to load silage need to drive with a trailer under the small canopy.


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1 comment

  1. tim

    this is a great idea but it dose not work . you work and work to fill a silo and the next time you start your game the silo is empty.
    any ideas on how to get it to work .

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