Rental MOD v2.3.2

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Other functions from Mod:
– Chat message to all, if someone sinks a rental car in the water.
– If the vehicle is submerged in water, a penalty is paid.
– Are you a vehicle with an empty tank back, you pay for refueling after.
– Also mods can be rented.
– If you are sitting in a rental car, standing on top of the clock, the remaining lease term.
– You can return rental vehicles through the shop or on the sell trigger.
– 1 day prior to the expiration of the lease is a message in the chat, which expires at the lease.
– At the end of the rental period, the rental period by one hour, for more money (15%) increased.
– All the 14 rental vehicles, which are run as the last in a list (K key, only if you do not sit in the vehicle).

Version 1.0.1 Hot Fix Changelog:
– Stock list (key K) can also be in the vehicle call
– In Maschienrückgabe about Verklaufstrigger you get for attachments money
Version 1.1 Changelog:
– The EN version Error Return: luaComp / input / scriptLoader.lua: 217: Invalid option ‘% $’ to ‘format’
– The ‘Rent’ button is not English in the shop, When playing the game with english settings.
– He has only Mod Maps, which do not have a sales trigger, the problem then the return of the vehicle does not work and the game to crash.
luaComp / input / GUI2.lua: 422: attempt to index field ‘vehicleSellingPointBase’ (a nil value)
Version 2.0 Changelog:
– If you have changed the resolution GUI is warped.
– Rent Button now available in other languages
– At Garden Center Store is a rental Button
– All money symbols now adapt to the game currency.
– All texts are now no longer only in German
– It now receives money for the seed remains in the Sämaschienen
– Polish, Czech: lechu – French: Greygil
– The color of hired vehicles can now be selected
(Can be changed in the config *) Remaining lease Hud bites with the Animal Hud -.
* The config can be customized at will.
To find this is under My Games / FarmingSimulator2015 / configs / Miet_Mod
Version 2.1 Changelog:
– Fixed scriptLoader.lua: 423: attempt to perform arithmetic on field ‘hourLeasePercent’
– When was the the vehicles gemiteten menu you have chat
– Syncronisation the config did not work correctly
– Fixed some sporadic LUA errors
– The Config is now in savegame under configs / Miet_Mod / config.xml
Version 2.2 Changelog:
– 2.2 – NEW! The rental period can be extended
– 2.2 – NEW! New background for rental Menus
– 2.2 – NEW! Texts in Russian translated (Sergey)
– 2.2 – NEW! Lease Hud is now already displayed 24 hours before expiration
– 2.2 – Fixed error I18N.lua
– 2.2 – Polish texts revised (Dzi4d3k)
– 2.2 – errors that Config was not created resolved
– 2.2 – Fixed Rates of -99999xxxxxx €

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Author: Alex2009

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