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Version 2.1
-Fehler mit PS bei Steam und DediServer behoben -Collision bei Gebäuden Aktiviert -Einbauanleitung Überarbeitet

Economic cycle oil refinery Part 2 by Castor
Next you go,
Now we come to the refinery where you can your hinbringen crude oil for processing.
Again, the UPK is used by Mor2000.
Accept acceptance of rape and crude oil, Both Can sleep up to 550000l – General Info’s.
-Production Engine oil 3000l per hour
-Production Diesel (for Maschienen) 3000l per hour
-Production Diesel (For Sale) 3000l per hour
>>> All 3 assets are stored in tanks, capacity 350000l. Are these full stops production.
Sale of motor oil and diesel at the Öl_Company, Of course you can also trigger the sit down where else.
I have deliberately installed no fence or gate. Since everyone has on its map matching jewelry for it.
Refinery by Castor
!!! Must be miten GE Built !!!
#Einbauanleitung In the zip.
The mod may not be published in other forums or with other new link
MFG Kastor

REFINERY V2.1 FS 15 (5) REFINERY V2.1 FS 15 (6) REFINERY V2.1 FS 15 (7) REFINERY V2.1 FS 15 (8) REFINERY V2.1 FS 15 (9)


UPK von mor2000
Verschiedene objekte aus LS13
objekte von der Industrieanlage 1 V 1
Öl-Tanks von El_Cid

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