Randazzo platform PA97 I v1.1 (MoreRealistic)

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I present my trailer to transport, born from the collaboration established with the company Randazzo . 3-axis platform Trailes, for the transport of bales and large volumes, tractors and equipment. This mod, despite the high number of polygons in the game proves to be very light, confirming the quality of the work.


  • Body length 9.7m,
  • Width 2.5 meters,
  • Capacity 20,000 kg,
  • Empty weight 5900 kg,
  • Weight load transported and realistic,
  • Fully animated,
  • Can be used to carry any object.

Is available in two colors, classic and custom Fendt available!


Scripts used: Sven777b, Manuel leithner, FireAndIce, Geri -G.

Thanks to my team (Team Modhoster) Especially in meyer123 and fin050808

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Farming mods

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  1. Sully

    How can I download mods to my ps3

    1. Farming mods

      Hey Sully,

      You can’t do that for ps3 because FS13 is not moddable on consoles version.

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