Pottinger HiT 8 81 v1.1

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Pottinger HiT 8 81 v1.1. I once sat down and the origin Zetter times rebuilt bit, now came out of this and I will deliver him unto you not reserved.

Changes made:

  • 1 Wider tires with a new profile,
  • Changed 2 Larger roundabout and Kreisldrehrichtung after original,
  • Installed 3 LS13 PTO,
  • 4 New folding mechanism according to the original model, while not perfect but at least.

Have fun and a successful harvest
MFG KeineAhnung93

Modell: Giants, Fendt 1976
Umbau: KeineAhnung93
Textur: Giants
Scrips: Giants, Manuel Leithner, fruktor

Uploaded By :
Farming mods

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