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This is an updated version of my Ponsee rental pack. They have the patch 1.3 fixes. They have been tuned to better perform on Thge Great Smokey Mountain map. This means they will climb the steeper hills to get to those stubborn trees. Thanks to your local dealership you can now rent a machine for $500 and pay $1,000 a day for rental. If returned the same day you will only pay $250 for the use.  They now come to you in Forest Green. These are MP ready since only the skin and engine torque have been changed. They come in a pack and therefore must be unpacked. I want to thank Giants for the models and all the input on this forum to accomplish these tasks. Please if uploaded to other sites keep the original link and credits. This pack has been updated to the patch 1.3


Model Giants Software
Reskin and edit JohnDeere1952
MP testing Wis_Tex
reaper 9111

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