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As you can see this is the first such large Modpack by me.
I hope you wiewielu helped by providing this parcel :) Get ready for a lot more!!!
The plans have a continuation of my series but also preparing a series of guides in my head I already next ideas!
IF YOU DO NOT FORGET ABOUT helped subscribe!!! Regards :)

Music: 1.Danny Bond – Voodoo 2.Paul Sirrell – Gotta Let You Go

POLISH Modpack the whole season v1 byMAJSTERX!!!
Not all machines have left!!!

1. Ursus 914 v 2.0
Autors: Marcello1942, Spinah, pawlo101299, Roller90
2. Ursus C360 3P
Authors: Marcello1942, FOXQ360
3. The Ursus 1014 v 2.0
Authors: Marcello1942, Spinah, pawlo101299, Pawulon, Roller90
4. Ursus C360
Author: CatFan18
5. Ursus C4011
Author: CatFan18
6. Ursus 1614
Authors: Marcello1942, G & M Modding Team, Spinah, roller90
7. Zetor Forterra HSX 100 140 v 2.0
Authors: Marlin, Bushman94, Giedrius, OfTheSun

1. Bison Z056 Old
Author: Programming: Rockstar94
Script: Rockstar94
2. Bizon Z056
Author: Model: Marcello 1942 / siudix29 / roller90 Programming: siudix29 Script: siudix29 Edit: Ikas
Total EDIT: Lester89
3. Fortschritt E281 v1.1
Author: Pil-30

1. Ursus T-610 / A1
Author: Giants Ziuta
2. PTS4 Mod Pack
Author: LSSA Modding Team ANDREI1994
3. Autosan D47
Authors: Baboon, Heros, Szymek
4. Conow HW80 SHA v5.1
Author: Bruse & Ole 936
5. DDR HW80SHA v 0.9.2 Beta
Author: Edit ZT 323-A LS11
Edit Pil-30 LS15

1. Sipma Prairie in 1600
Author: Model: Robert
Programming: Robert / Przemek
Script: Przemek / Fumski
FS 15: 765 Matejko
2. OP 2000
Author: LSSA modding team, Trololo, GoldenShoes
3. Sipma Z224 v1.1
Author: Model: von_D
Programming: Rockstar94
Script: Rockstar94, Burner, Manuel Leithner
4. The farm Sipma z276 / 1 v2 green
Model: Baboon
Programming and animation: Baboon
Dirt: Siid_polska (SIID)
Author: Veter
6. Rotary carousel spider
Author: Model: LOLLL116
Programming: Rockstar94
Script: Rockstar94, Grzegorz056 Manuel Leithner
7. Kuhn GA 4521 GM
Author: LS 2013: Giants
In FS 15: BKP
8. The Union Grudzidz 4
Author: Model: U95
Programming: Dawider
AO: Matinho
Script: bm-modding
9. plow Stanrol 4
Author: Model: GoldFox
Texture: GoldFox
AO: JozinBazin (Thanks)
Programming: SocialFox
10. CSMC ITD RM 1 071 & CSMC ITD RM 1 070
Author: CSMC
11. Poznaniak
Author: DJ Konrad
12. Ursus Z586 Bale Wrappers Pack v 1.1

How to install Farming simulator 2015 mods:

Please follow the link for detailed instructions

How to install Farming simulator 2013/2015 mods

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Farming mods

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  1. woody

    How can we download if the link is broken

    1. Farming mods

      For me it is working

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