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Hi, I present to you the load MAPK fs to 2015 Because did is looming large on the next version of FS17 :)
At the beginning I would like to announce in advance did all the information like where what are in the map shown in the pictures

Strange questions and information on the as well as prohibitions on the map:
– So you have to extract the MAPK and toss the contents into mods.
– Gates open to the press about not zero.
– If you can not add mods, alongwith a map did gives it you’re on your own.
– All fashion attached to the proper operational of the maps are good and running.
– Altering forbid Link maps honor did my work.
– Do not write did the Following things on the map do not work Because The work tested in single and multi !!!
– If you appear black textures on some objects have a problem with farmingiem.
– The map does not have traffic and pedestrians enough space on the map.
– Lack of purchased boxes
– If you forgot to mention something the rest of the info on the pictures in the map.
– Mape unwrap WinRAR

And on the map are:
– Cows, chickens, sheep, pigs
– 4 Farms
– Basic cultivation without frills
– Manure, lime V2
– Mod chopped
– Sale of Milk on ownership responsibility Dairy
– Purchase of all crops
– Sale of Pigs
– Mud on the map
– Mod water
– Feeding wheat and water hens
– Pushed out manure
– Buying seedlings and sale of wood
– Reset Machine
– Sales of wool
– Sales of eggs
– Purchase of all crops in one procurement
– Purchased lime for each Economy
– Polish Cool klimacik
– A well optimized map even on weak equipment (tested)
– Cool textures of soil and crops
– And many more

Regards Venturio

Uploaded By :
Farming mods

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Author: TheMasteRTeamTV

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