Plazierbare Halle v1

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Hey dear Farmer.
I once kinda messing around to make things placeable, since I have yet smooth away my umgeskinnte orginal hall ausn Ls 13 brought into 15ner and made ??placeable for you.
I think she looks simply and on field edges etc. its devices through determine optimal.
Cost point for the hall 10,235 Euro denkemal is being messner price for a room, and yes you need aufallefälle a straight flat spot to set up!
I wish you so much fun with the mod … Your Rene_Farm
Since not so strict that my first Plazierbarer is subject.
I ask this not mod illicitly offer on other sites.
neither converted nor orginal!!!

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Farming mods

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Author: Modell: Unterstand Halle Textur: dds Script: o/e Idee / Konzept: Erster versuch Tester: Rene_Farm Sonstige:

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