Placeable pig farm v2.1 (Beta)

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This required the Universalprocesskit mod in our mod directory. The aim here is to feed as soon as possible the 175 pigs ready for slaughter. This requires: grits(grain), schrot, Forage, straw and water.

The water should always be there, without water and at least one food ingredient is nothing. Is everything filled to grow the fastest animals. The Forage should be filled game every day.

The pigs are only for transporting ready when they reach your weight mast (counter 175), these are not kilos information. I am from a mast about 120 kg per pig assumed at a daily. Feeding amount by real pig of 2.75 kg of feed. This I have extrapolated umgemünzt on the total number of pigs and on about 4 game days. It would be even more accuracy possible -> but there fail my arithmetic skills;)

In the pack:

  • Feedlot
  • Groats Farm -> to store of *schrot* -> produced my Biofuelfabric -> dwl at
  • Sellsilo for the purchase of *schrot* if Biofuelanlage not exist …
  • Sale trigger for Pig (Pork)
  • Tipping hints …
  • The green silo -> *schrot* -> special feed for pig
  • The Grey / Silver -> Grain (no matter what)
  • The Blue -> Water
  • Forage inside – about the middle to end … watch TippingSymbol …
  • Bales left of the Watersilo between Door and Wassersilo(you can see a Bale)
  • Straw -> inside or outside of straw, front right spot
  • Pigs -> Door same as Marhu Piggery see image
  • slurryTanker(liquidManure) -> left of the dunghill house wall
  • manure -> conveyor or shovel)

CAUTION: acceleration time can distort results, especially the TimeMod is useless!

Marhu, thoralf2002.

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Farming mods

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