Placeable Heaps

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A placeable unloading point for temporary storage of fruit or cargo. To anywhere on the map grain, straw / grass / hay, fruits & vegetables, chopped, silage, fodder, among others intermediately. Unloading can dump trucks, threshers, harvesters and shredders, conveyors as well as front or wheel loader. Ideal for recording on a front or wheel loaders, feed or loading wagon. Mod by mor2000

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  1. sliedoch

    awesome mod, i’ve been looking quiet a while for this one.
    I have one problem though, how do i install it?

    I’ve tried copying the folder to mods. i see the mod in the store and i can select it, but as soon as i need to select a location for the heap it doesnt do anything. Im able to select a location and to scroll all over the map, i just cant buy one. i switched the buying costs from 0 to 100 to see if i purchase one, but no money is taken from me. I guess i messed it up with the installation, can someone help me in the right direction to get this mod installed correctly!

    hope to hear something soon, this mod makes the game a lot better!


    1. Matt

      i have the same probleme… i can buy one but i can’t use it.. impossible to dump a load on it

  2. Louie

    New version now available here.

    After downloading this and giving it a try it was no longer working for me.

    New version also has new “Fruits” that are not standard to Farm Simulator. So if you have a map where you can harvest SunFlower seeds, you can use the new version to make a heap with it and other items you can harvest with Map that have new things you can plant and harvest.

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