Placeable Detail For Maps v1

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This is a personal mod of mine that I made over time. It started as a single rock for placing in roads for a more interesting drives,
mainly for logging roads. The pack just grew from their. Its mostly bushes and rocks of various sizes and textures for placing on roads.
The offset rocks (3 little ones) are for placing on roads that you normally can’t put placeables down on. Put your mouse on the side of the road and turn the rocks to be in the road for bumps. You should be able to figure it out?

My latest addition is 2 reflective puddles. One is dark and probably the most realistic of the two. The other is very reflective like a mirror. Your choice in what you use? You can place these near each other, but sometimes you will see a texture difference. But I might add they do look good when placed in the rock piles. See screenshots to see what I mean.

All items have price of $0. I use just to add detail, mostly around the farm erea.

NOTE: Mod only uploaded to Come here for any updates or questions. I don’t care were else it gets uploaded

NOTE: Just so you know, My computer can handle just about anything I throw at it. I’ve had over 15 puddles placed in close erea and didn’t notice any slowdown. Your use may be different? Don’t complain your computer crashed after placing 100’s of puddles in your map!

Authors:Giants, All map and item makers, I thank you!

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