Placeable Contractor Wood Sell Point

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I created this sell point originally as a convenient way to dispose of unwanted trees – particularly those ones that are difficult to break down into manageable chunks for carting away by trailer to fixed sell points. So this mod is really aimed at simplifying field expansion or removing obstacles for hired workers (if that’s what you want).
I wanted something that I could push or pull trees into (or onto) with minimal effort using a large loader – I was aiming to avoid too much chain sawing if possible. In other words I just wanted to get rid of the trees as painlessly as I could.
To keep it real and not spoil the game too much the sell price of wood at this point is low – it’s the price you pay for convenience. The daily maintenance cost is high. So this is not a good choice for general forestry disposal.
Tip: for large tress like Poplar’s – once felled – cut into three sections and manoeuvre with loader (take care not to nick off small branches whilst sectioning as they can prove difficult to dispose of).
Hope you find this useful.

Change Log;
v1.1 – updated xml positions to eliminate overlap with adjacent objects – 06/01/2016.
v1.0 – initial release – 02/01/2016.

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Author:  amiga_sean (overall) Giants (trigger, sell marker, objects) (wooden ramp (single instance))

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