Pivot Irrigation 140M And 200M V1.1 V2

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This pack includes the pivot 140m and 200m.

Installation: (Watch video)
first download and put the mod into mod folder open and load your map. buy the trailer ingame and move it to a spot on your map. note it must be on the grass or field or it will not work. unhook your tractor and drive a bit away from the trailer. save game and exit.

Then open start, documents, my games, farming simulator 15 open your saved game and look for vehicles. right click and edit. use the find button and type in pivot200 This will bring you to your trailer. Remember you need to remember the vehicle id for this as it is important Use the code provided to paste over the veichle id and in the xx spot put the vehicle id number.

Look for component 5 and look for rotation. there are 3 rotation points you will only change the first and last one to 0 save file and you are done open game and your trailer should now be a pivot

here is a example
Trailer position

<vehicle id=”82″ modName=”pivot200″ filename=”$moddir$pivot200/trailer.xml” isAbsolute=”true” fillLevel=”0″ fillType=”unknown” dirtAmount=”0″>
<component1 position=”778.68780517578 90.460746765137 641.69409179688″ rotation=”0.0062376763671637 0.22685715556145 0.00032571409246884″ />
<component2 position=”609.14770507813 90.424942016602 680.83288574219″ rotation=”0.0026600803248584 0.22702103853226 0.00034943129867315″ />
<component3 position=”609.15600585938 90.464385986328 680.83807373047″ rotation=”-0.0036784855183214 0.22812089323997 0.00023650938237552″ />
<component4 position=”609.14562988281 90.405479431152 680.82861328125″ rotation=”0.0060837287455797 -0.058593086898327 -0.001375625259243″ />
<component5 position=”609.1494140625 90.591728210449 680.77789306641″ rotation=”0.14600725471973 -0.058635819703341 -0.0016364980256185″ />
<component6 position=”609.16528320313 90.42325592041 680.83288574219″ rotation=”4.3721993279178e-005 0.22931089997292 -0.00037266541039571″ />
<component7 position=”609.16577148438 90.379341125488 680.82946777344″ rotation=”0.0033659536857158 0.22949206829071 -0.0012777429074049″ />
<component8 position=”609.1650390625 90.34716796875 680.82727050781″ rotation=”0.0056574731133878 0.22953014075756 -0.0017393351299688″ />

Pivot position
<vehicle id=”xx” filename=”$moddir$pivot200/Pivot.xml” isAbsolute=”true” fillLevel=”100″ fillType=”fertilizer” fuelFillLevel=”200″ max_speed=”0.013888884335756″ use_speed=”true” turn_speed=”0.00277777784504″ field_speed=”0.0066666663624346″ tipper_off=”8″ combine_off=”8″ fill_follow=”50″ fill_drive=”90″ OffsetX=”0″ OffsetZ=”0″ AbortWork=”nil” turn=”17″ waitTime=”0″ courses=”” mouse_right_key_enabled=”true” ai_mode=”1″>
The xx is where you enter your vehicle id number
Remember to change compound 5 rotation the first and last number
so it should look like this
This is what you edit


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  1. Robert Chapman

    the pi/vit sprinkler will not hook up to the tractor

  2. TRACE

    yes it will crap!

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