Pickup trucks pack by Farming-mods

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This pack collected by Farming-mods.net

Ford f-350 Monster v1.0
Leon, Kostolom

4×4 Mitsubichi v 1.0

2009 Range rover
Sergey54Rus, beast33, lovetractor, Clrsjohn

Silverado K2500HD
Kostolom, Leon, Rock1899, keks15

Ford F350 Pack
Mwlacy, BigCountry, LazyMod Studios FSD

UAZ 469

Dodge Ram Full v 1.0
Mobile Tank

2010 Ford F-350 V2.0
Niceguy4704- model conversion and editing. UV mapping and paint textures. painting template
Clampit- head beta tester, LUA and XML debugging
dale3887- beta testing
JoeFarmer3- beta testing
DragonLord2007- AllradV4
Geri-G- baleAttacherBTM
Sven777b- Beleuchtung
Manuel Leithner- Washable
Xentro- PlaystandAnim

Uploaded By :
Farming mods

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  1. Cole

    These mods look awsome I want them so bad for my ps3

    1. Harry

      Hahahaha console peasants

      1. the butt face

        LOL! so true……………………………………………………………………………………………

  2. Braden

    Can u get mods on ps3 and if so, how

    Please help me


    1. Farming mods

      Hey Braden,

      Farming simulator 2013 consoles version is not modable.

  3. Alex

    Nice pack!

  4. Luke

    Now this is a damn good mod maybe in the future there could be a Ford 350 Mega Cab with welding bed and maybe a welding mod……..and maybe a girl friend mod or wife……………………Tootles.


    i love it

  6. john

    which download button do i press because there are 5 download buttons to press???

    1. Farming mods

      There’s only one download button, below the image.

  7. kyle

    Probably download of a computer onto a thumb drive then download to ps3

  8. farmercuzman

    does these mods work or they a virus to your computer

    1. Farming mods

      yes they work and there is no virus in these mods.

      1. kolson

        these are great

  9. Chase

    How do you down load these mods to a play station 3 ?;thank you

    1. Farming mods

      Hey, you can’t download mods for ps 3.

  10. patrick

    how do i get them to the game

    1. Farming mods

      Take a look here.

  11. MedTroples

    dose this pack have a bug in it? or will the vicles sink thru the ground?

  12. Nicholas

    Is there a Virus on this mod

    1. Farming mods


  13. early

    how do you do it

  14. Caleb Crismore

    I want these mods but i don’t know if you can get them for xbox 360 and I don’t know how

  15. farmer thomas

    can you make a mod for HORIZON so i could download it to my xbox farming sim 2013 make it like a lowboy trailer and a ford f350 so i could hall equipmont across the map thank you.

  16. Josh Williams

    Do you guys have mods for macBook Air and if there are most of the mods don’t work for my macbook so can you help me find some mods for it this

  17. GreenBeans

    Hey farmingmods can you please upload (for fs13) a shirtless modpack?

  18. Nate

    is there mods for farming simulator 2015 for xbox 360 does any of there mods work for it?

  19. LHgameing

    I freaking wish i could get this mod on my ps3

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