Piaggio Ape P601 UPK POST v1 Fs15

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This Piaggio APE P601, motorized transport tricycle, is a pure postal service vehicle.
It can only bring letters from the mailbox to the post office and belongings on the loading area of holding (eg tree seedling range, …).
The letters are packed from the mailbox in a transport to the loading area and then unloaded again at the post office. For that gets you even a small amount as income.
The vehicle is enhanced with the addition POST in zip file name, so that the original, with the extensive Ladunsmoeglichkeit from MODALL can still be used in parallel in the mod folder.


Animated parts
tires dust
(Yellow must be selected) color selection

Crops removed for Added mail freight. Loading volume 750 liters. Purchase price 6800 LS. Maintenance 2 LS.


!!! This mod includes !!! only the postal vehicle
Man needs the Mail Delivery v 1.0 and also the UPK.
Here, on the Modhoster obtained Mail Delivery V1.0 Mod:

Mail Delivery Mod FS15

Here also the UPK Mod obtained:



The model I created is free for everyone and may be modified without further permission and republished.
Upload allowed on each side and wish to do so.
For publication all must be mentioned under credits up EXPORTED authors.
Commercial use is strictly prohibited.

I wish a lot of joy in the mail delivery service.

Uploaded By :
Farming mods

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Author: Modell: modall, Maulwurf63 Textur: modall, Peter008, Maulwurf63 Script: Geri-G, Xentro, modall, Maulwurf63 Idee / Konzept: modall, Maulwurf63 Tester: ?, Maulwurf63, Peter008 Sonstige:

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