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This version is an arcade version released for FS13. The FS17 version will be much more detailed.

The Rhineland Pfalz is a state within German and is well known for its grape vineyards. This map is based on the landscape of Bad Durkheim. The landscape, main roads, the vineyards and city outline are the only realistic features of the map. The festival area is in the same location that Bad Durkheim hosts its festivals but the objects are fictional in comparison.

You start off owning one airable farm, one grape vineyard, two grass fields, three bee hives and fourteen pieces of equipment. Welcome to Deutschland; Enjoy the tranquility we offer.

Standard crops plus grapes
Standard animals plus pigs
Three sell points w/ competitive pricing
Lidl where eggs can be sold and where the milk truck spawns
John Deere Storefront
Garden center where water, seed and straw can be purchased
Note: There is no free water source. Water can be purchased at BGA and Garden Center

Custom Features:
Grape Wagon for harvesting grapes. This harvester is not compatible with field definitions; therefore, your vineyards are all open if you use this to harvest.
Animals have custom script for manipulating production and consumption rates

Tested with 26 different mods to include auto combine, damage mod, glance, and hud hider. The log was free of errors and warnings. It was designed and tested on a laptop in order to ensure it could be supported by smaller computers.

Anyone is free to make personal edits and add features. If you wish to upload it with changes, please use “Pfalz Vineyards Extended” as the name. Also, you are free to convert to FS15; however, JDMFarms reserves the name for the FS17 version.

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Farming mods

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Author: Giants FSUK JDMFarms Bassaddict Xentro Sandgroper ccs101 JohnDeere1952 Hoot Dorset FarmerYip PV2 Marhu Fendt512 Various Open Source Graphics

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