Pettenbach v1.8

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That has been changed:

  • There were installed conveyors for HAY GRASS STRAW SILAGE COMPOUND FEED CRAP .
  • Instead of the old silos is now a large grain stock.
  • 2 grass boxes were installed.
  • 2 silos are now on the courtyard.
  • The farm has been redesigned.
  • A mixing station for feed was installed .
  • The WoolPaletteCollector is now installed , with enough space for 22 pallets full of sheep’s wool.
  • I have a missed v1.6 now gefxt .
  • Now is the Map for the Public Beta Patch v2 .
  • All newly inserted objects / buildings / functions have been thoroughly tested.
  • The popular manure manure mod was installed , but you can decide whether to use it yourself.
  • The log is error free 100% !
  • The WaterMod 3.0 was installed . ( So you can give the cows , sheep, chickens and water the chickens even wheat. Productivity increases by 10%)
  • This includes a water station for abhohlen of water for livestock has been incorporated.
  • Now there are on the court its own pig . ( This swine can be grown , which can then be sold at the general store for 100 € )
  • The individual soaking the WaterMods were installed and tested at the respective animals.
  • The Wither and weathering I’ve disabled!
  • All fields are already planted and the fields 13,14,15,16,17,18 already owned !
  • Better start Equipment ( Less time at the very beginning )
  • The sheep pasture is now located between the courtyard and Merchant!
  • Some fields were merged and enlarged !
  • PDA map has been revised and brought up to date !
  • New textures have been added : maize , beet , oilseed rape, barley , wheat, grass, grubbed , plowed
  • Two food storage for grass, straw , animal feed and silage have been added. ( One at the cow pasture and one at the court )
  • A carport was added to the courtyard , into which you can put under cars and light vehicles.
  • Many ground textures have been changed.
  • The height differences between the landscape and halls was adjusted .
  • A new path is created from the farm to field 14 .
  • A link was established from field 14 to the station.
  • A link from the golf course to the cow pasture was built.
  • An egg gathering place for 500 eggs was installed . ( The eggs collection in MP sees only the host ! )
  • A hall was added to the merchants.
  • Some trees were added or taken by mobile workers and for downhill .
  • A new farmhouse was built .
  • A Tool cutting shelf was added at the court .
  • A shelter is located at the new sheep pasture.
  • From the old sheep pasture , a meadow arose.
  • Fields [15 +16 ], [ 20 +21 ], [ +32 31 ], [ 33 +34 ] were combined .
  • Many fields have been enlarged .
  • New ways have been created.
  • A new modern shelter was placed on the farm.
  • The farm has been completely redesigned .
  • The hens were moved to the edge of the yard.
  • The work was done very much ” attention to detail ” .
  • And a lot has been added , removed, added , adjusted.

Required Mods:

  • PDA extension
  • Pig cattle transporter
  • Slurry manure mod
  • Feed storage Transport Pack

Harrybo (farmhouse)
OutBase52 (egg collection)
frisco0177 (food storage)
bonzai_micha (tool-cutting shelf)
Deere6800 (beet texture)
Marhu (pig, WaterMod, WoolPaletteCollector, conveyors)
Tessmann85 (wheat, corn, grass, barley, canola textures)
Marhu, seizures, Hatzfan (manure dung-Mod)
skydancer (mixing station)

Uploaded By :
Farming mods

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