Papenburg map v2.0

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Papenburg Map V2!

Representation of a part of Papenburg in Northern Emsland.

  • Map script with standard fruit + lime, fertilizers and multi Farm
  • Liquid manure , lime, Mistmod
  • 54 fields all helpers and courseplay justice applied.
  • Wirtschaftsgebaeude: Raiffeisen, Raiffeisen market, pub, port, railway station, butchers, dairy, garden centers.

Two courtyards: the main courtyard designed for cattle with milk, sheep and cattle. Special features/characteristics: Wollpalletten Collector, 1 smallest BGA, multi- way through a script Farm 2 Graschnitt conduct (2nd Grassilo < – See) images, heaps of straw, corn exchange, beet and potato storage, 3 +2 grass corn silos (not coverable but comes).

Designed for agriculture 2nd courtyard but has also over Rinderzucht.Getreidehalle, beet and potato storage and 1 grass (above) and Maissilo.

  • 1 Large BGA with 2 silos procrastinate + 1 fahrsilo. Incl. Beleuchtung.
  • Lime and fertilizers can be retrieved at Raiffeisen.
  • Many silos with large capacity.
  • Contractors with Large hall for maneuvering icnl light after 22 clock.
  • Dirt roads with Colision.
  • Guelleverkauf, Guellelager, manure storage.


  • All permanent grasslands have a grass scar.
  • Wheat and barley can be in the first two stages of maturity green chop (no mod required) withered Only in the last stage!!
  • Rape can chop green/blooming in the first Reifestumsstufe (withered in the ripening stage 2 and 3).

Important: Patch 2.1 is required

Required mods:
Map Door Trigger:–10
Guelle Mist Lime Mod:
Guelle Transporter:
Map Ampeln:
Platziebarer Wasserhydrant:

Recommended useful mods not mandatory:

  • Multi Moving:
  • Fahrsilo Extension:
  • Placeable bunker silo:
  • Manual Siloplane:

Various buildings and textures of
Jimkerk: tags edit create and build umtextuieren to buildings.
Fatian: Street Pack
Multifarm script: Blacky_BPG
Tessman85: Ground textures
Roads: patii
Ni Modding: halls and houses Pack
818vario: Hall ^
Hall: Kyosho
Grain storage: Klaner ^ ^
DeutzDx85: Börger slurry tanks
Manuel: manure pit
Bluebaby210: Traffic light system
Cattle by Ls 2013 Modding
Liquid manure manure Kalkmod by TMT
Scale with Statistk function by Blacky_BPG
Pallettenmover by Marhu
Fertilizers lime storage by Steffen / Katsuo
All other rights are on the side of Giants and the builder of the buildings used by me and objects.
Have fun and success when you your Spielen.Wuenscht 2014 @ Jimkerk

Uploaded By :
Farming mods

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