Papenburg Forever

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After about 2 months of construction, fummel and test work I want to introduce you a new map.
It is not completely new but united in Papenburg Map Papenburg with the North Bokel. The rest of the map I gestalltet idividuell. It has also maintained a slight hill Lieger some detail. The parts I will expand on the time.
It therefore is a 4 fold map. I have some big dispensed layer trees. Which are only here and there on the edge
The map is planted to 97% precipitable with trees.
Equal first the map is not necessarily what weak computer. But my tester did not complain so they should run well on moderate calculators.
As a result, I have merged 2 maps and have installed mods and eitliche building has grown to about 490MB the zip. Especially the trees eat a lot of space in the i3d the shapes, the playing sind.Das grown to over 100 MB of performance and load times but technically not a big role.

  • 4 Times map with 95 arable land and about 20 meadows and pig. BGA. manure storage of BGA.
  • All dunghill with conveyor belts
  • Wool pallets Collector (with auto sale)
  • Kalksilos to kalkkaufen of different stand put on the map (courtyard, harbor, Raiffeisen)
  • 5 manure storage
  • A wide end farm buildings (usually twice) 2 butchers, 2 biomass heating plants, 1 Raiffeisen mill, 2 Raiffeisen markets, 2 grain storage, etc.
  • Slurry, manure, lime mod Wassermod, Choppedstraw
  • Fruit varieties: wheat, barley, canola, corn, grass, beets, potatoes, clover, alfalfa (Multi Fruit modules are included)
  • 2 large external Biiogasanlagen
  • Surfaces 1-40 hectares

Required mods:–2–2–3–2


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Farming mods

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