Papenburg forever v2.1

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Version 2.1 changes:

  • Compost plant rebuilt.
  • Unloading now at normal trigger possible and loaded trailers diekt possible at collection.
  • Selling compost deleted and integrated into the port sale.
  • BGA positions 1 and contractors exchanged (LU so central and closer to the shop1).
  • BGA silos again exchanged because not properly funtionierten.
  • Away hole on granary.
  • Fixed floating dunghill at Rinderstall.
  • Wool pallets sale directly set on sheepfold.
  • Pda readjusted and created.
  • For technical reasons the time being clover and alfalfa away (come back).
  • Small bushes removed and shifted reeds in fruit grle (Grle limitation) further adjustment follows.
  • Minor improvements and changes.
  • Dediserver errors away and made playable.

Jimkerk, Fatian, Tessman85, Ni Modding, 818Vario, DeutzDx85, webalizer_ls, Marhu, Bluebaby, Nils23, Farmer_Andy, JauchenPaule, Andy1978 (

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Farming mods

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