Pack Amazone Catros 9000 T

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Pack Amazone Catros 9000T

Powerful 9 m and 12 m working width resulting in the cultivation of three compact disc harrows on AMAZONE coupling frame. When turning on the headland and to transport the three lifting frame are lifted hydraulically.

AMAZONE coupling frame, you can also use the ED or seeders seeders D9. This technique is designed for single-sentence arrondierten on large farms.

This beta version has many bugs that try to solve it soon.

Remove bolt: 8 Key numerical control
Unfolding / folding left: 7 Key numerical control
Unfold / Fold right wing: 9 Key numerical control
Download / Upload tool: Left mouse button or the J and N key
Expand marker: KeyZ
Hide bookmarks: KeyM
If the mouse does not work, press the “X”
The markers can be displayed but not the action to mark the spot.
Greetings from Spain.
Big Boss modding.

Modell: Javier007 (Big Boss Modding)
Textur: Javier007 (Big Boss Modding)
Ingame: Javier007 (Big Boss Modding)

Uploaded By :
Farming mods

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