Old Hagenstedt V1.5 (Forest)

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Welcome to Old Hagenstedt. This map is Forest mod ready.
The forest farm can be found near the land trade, there was a road from the dealer to farm forestry Added.
In the garden center you can now dung, manure, grass, potatoes and sugar beet Sell.
The horse pasture is equal to mow the grass at her horse farm can sell or on the farm to feed stores driving.
In the courtyard there is a small farmer’s market for selling the eggs
There is also a fire station is right at the entrance so a good position to be fast on site.
The roller doors of the fire station can be opened only from the inside (O button), the doors from the inside and the outside.
At the station there is a hydrant refueling the fire trucks.
The unloading of the Hofsilos was replaced by a new one.
On the farm is a pig and a butcher in the village with outlet for pigs, the pigs you need not in this version to buy.
A road to the station was Added.
At the BGA is now a sugar factory in the village and you will find an Aral petrol station and Edeka market for sale of sugar beet and potatoes.
There was a second farm in the cow pasture with silos built a feed store and a slurry pump installation and for storage of your shredded material a silo.
PDA extension for the levels of the food bearing added.

Required mods:

Watermod (Marhu)
Feed stores (Frisco)
Fruit textures Forgotten Plants (Eribus)
Garden Center Wb (World Builder)
Church (loculus)
Large farmhouse (loculus)
Bauerngarten (luculus)
Cross field (luculus)
FFW Hagenstedt (wild fox)
Horse barn with water Trigger (_PaPa_)
E57 Siren only as decoration no function (yomazy)
Mobilfunkmast (Jauch Paule)
Stalls (manni_112)
Willow fence Wb Pack (World Builder)
Pastures Goals Wb Pack (World Builder)
Placeable horses (luculus)
Woodworks pack (model builder)
Original Textures (JohnDeere6210se)
Ground Textures (ZEFIR)
Road Signs Pack (Nick98.1)
Advertising Sign Including PSD (B34STx)
Ducks (Sandgroper)
Old boat house (Jauch Paule)
Courtyard and halls Pack (SLJ-agricultural team)
Realistic water (maki1234)
Forstmod Placeable (Forstmod team, rafftnix, BM Modding, Vertex design, fruktor, fendt2000, MadMax)
Hot air balloon (Ekkhard)
Water tank with function (Agro Farm Chris)
Cat and goose garden bench (installer)
Stop (_PaPa_)
Grain Station with PS and fruit Plan (Germany Community Group martinbigM500)
Pig (Marhu)
Pigs sale Trigger (Bergi2001)
Butcher (SLJ agricultural)
new signs (Kirtz Pierre)
Hydrant with water Trigger placeable (ModInc.Sven777b and Alex2009)
High seat (Manu ya)
Car Shelter (Germany Community Group martinbigM500)
Germany flag (majo84)
Advertising sign (medizini97)
Placeable Forest Animals (Spieler74)
Aral petrol stations Pack (SLJ-AGRICULTURAL)
Edeka active market (| Mark44 |)
ZuckerRaffenerie (Trekkerbodo)
Sky HD Texture (xXApacheXx)
Cessna (Willi Office, Boeing777fan, Jeroen Hut, Erki)
Schwäbisches farmhouse (Kunds Modding)
ChoppedStraw (webalizer_ls)
Slurry pumping plant (Germany Community Group)
Old HofSilo (-Kolbenfresser-)
Placeable Scarecrow (Spieler74)
Plazierbarer manhole (Kyosho)
PDA enlargement food storage (MX11)
Silo (Katsuo)

Uploaded By :
Farming mods

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