Old Crumlin Road

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Old Crumlin Road


Old Crumlin Road is a small, tight map of the 90s. I originally created this map for Single Player but it works out good for MultiPlayer aswell. I would recommend this map for smaller farming equipment, like the Ford Forces by NI Modding or other smaller farming equipment. As its a small map and you can`t aim for big tractors ect, You start off with no Buyable Fields Owned but there is a bit of grain in the bins at the yard to help you.

Important Information:

You sell wool & crops at the brewery
The Shop and Sheep Pasture are up the rutty lane
Seed, Fuel and Fertilizer Triggers are at the Spar in the Village
Hens run about the Yard and the Cow pasture is behind the FarmYard
There is 10 Fields and as stated in the Summary you start off with none owned to give you a bit of a challenge.

Credits: NI Modding, Gold.2009, Johan12, Sandgroper, FarmerYip, Giants.

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Farming mods

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  1. Mark

    Where do I tip straw in for my cows?

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