Ogf USA map v2.1

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Buyable are:

  • Silo on the Anfangshof
  • Jack Daniel’s license, which allows you Jack Daniels zubeliefern with potatoes and beets. (Only other discharge facility for potatoes and turnips only at the train yard).
  • Annual card for the racetrack
  • Located at the harbor
  • A bridge that serves as a shortcut to GreenVally
  • You can clear away the stones can block the way
  • A Schweinezuchthof
  • A silo for Schweinezuchthof
  • A BGA + feed mixing plant
  • The OGF farm (dairy farm)

Grafik-EDV.: .Rolltor und Trigger
Ekkehard: Soldaten, Flugzeuge und Fahrzeuge
Tessman85: Erlaubnis seine Texturen zu ändern
Chefkoch: Für sein InfoTrigger Script
Freak36558: Für seine Objekte ( Baustellenmaterial )
Marhu: Für seine Förderbänder und Scripte
Frisco0177: Für sein Futterlager
Modelleicher: Schwedenhaus ..Gaststätte

Uploaded By :
Farming mods

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1 comment

  1. dan

    Could you please tell me where on this map the hay silo or storage area is located. I looked for it but could not find it. Or if possible explain how the elevator system works is this to sell bales or is it for storage

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