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I present to you here today my Oberwiesen Map available.
This is a fictitious map that I built for my ideas and also retrofits repeatedly.
I built this Map for the most part with a friend.
Thank primarily at Mythic
In Bluebaby210 for its class support
In the Team MK agricultural
In Ago modding :)
In Marhu for its super cool buildings and objects.
At Agi a klase Mapper
If would like bauer thank you for your work.
For all my friends who have the first permits
If I have forgotten somebody just ask us simply via PM I’ll add you then do so.
Since it is my 2 Map I please I bring so strictly to understanding and since net only to DL :)
I’d say so let yourself be surprised and ride a little bit on the Map, it is each have its gameplay and also found.
I thank all those who leave me a thumbs because
For more suggestions, aids and more I am at your disposal.
My friend Phil and I are also on this Mao continue to build for you, and also in the LS 17 we are there for you to you to sweeten the gameplay.
Thank you again to all MAPPER modders and make in the backdrop of such a great job, continue to build so there are still people appreciate our work because it’s fun continues at an Kham.

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Farming mods

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Author:  Modell: Mythi Bluebaby210 Marhu Agi und auch Ago Modding Textur: Script: Idee / Konzept: Markus und Philipp Tester: Sonstige:

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