Norge Holm V1.2

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Version 1.2
* Beet cutter added to the cow pasture. If vehicles / equipment are at the feeding trough of the cows, please enable before the update only, since the beet Schneider get there. * The new placement of the WoolPaletteCollector there was at the unloading point one flaw, which has now been corrected. If wool pallets are already on WoolPaletteCollector, please vacate the pre-upgrade only – otherwise, errors may occur. * Meadow between the house aligned with the sheep pasture and field 38. * The manure storage at the chicken and beef finishing the Abladetextur slightly shifted to the left, and this has now been fixed. * Conveyor broiler diets also emptied the garbage heap of cattle fattening – fixed. * New feed allocation in broiler diets because it makes all the more sense. * Fence located behind the chicken fattening facility.

Marhu, Mannie313, Framer_Andy (Andy1978), Weisser, TMT, Mariodiek, Leos50, ZeFir_POLAND, Shakari and others.

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Farming mods

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