Nordborchen v1 fs2015

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Here I present you my Nordborchen Map.


What you will find:

pigs, cows, fields and sawmills. With the extra money from the Sägrei You erhällst wooden pallets ready for sale at the joinery or carpentry.
The map is modeled on the landscape of Nordborchen near Paderborn.

Major mods you need.
– AAA_UniversalProcessKit
– GuelleMistMod

The Map has been tested in MP and runs smoothly.

nordborchen-mapfs2015_24 nordborchen-mapfs2015_23 nordborchen-mapfs2015_22 nordborchmapfs2015_21 nordborchenmapfs2015_20 nordborchen-mapfs2015_19 nordborchen-mapfs2015_18 nordborchen-mapfs2015_17 nordborchen-mapfs2015_16 nordborchen-mapfs2015_15 nordborchen-mapfs2015_13 nordborchen-mapfs2015_12 nordborchen-mapfs2015_11 nordborchen-mapfs2015_10 nordborchen-mapfs2015_9 nordborchen-mapfs2015_8 nordborchen-mapfs2015_7 nordborchen-mapfs2015_6 nordborchen-mapfs2015_5 nordborchen-mapfs2015_4 nordborchen-mapfs2015 nordborchen nordborchen-v1-0_1

Authors:Diese Map darf nicht verändert und oder neu hochgeladen werden. 

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Farming mods

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