Noname V1.2

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Welcome to the NoName map of Agi. On the Map they expect 3 yards, 1 BGA, 1 country trade, many details, steep meadows, covered with mud fields and some of the properties spezialle explain to you now. Cereal you can store it in court by her Nr1. purely tilts to the camp in the hall, you can refer to it either in the Corn Exchange in the village or her driving with a trailer under the silos at court. Cows can the Court. Nr1 and yard. Feed Nr2 and sprinkle, sheep can you at the feeding trough at the Alpenhof feed. Each farm has a manure storage, ie as soon as the Mistaufen for the 1st yard full of crap you is can you drive around to the other courts. Fill manure barrels only works for 1 yard. Wood chips and you can sell the land trade, unload the timber there where the tree trunks in the ground form a quadrangle. The map is performance-friendly, as in the agricultural simulator 2013.Felder you do not have to buy because you already have the entire map, from time to time it may be the block you great branches of the way to the fields, just buy the saw and make kindling out of it. Start Vehicles are you exactly the same as available on the standard map.

pfreek, takerls, Agi, imarvin, Dome, DaDene, Jauch Paule, Fendtfan1 (chris), ax diamend, steffenmuc, Eifok, 4ndi, lagacy, Niggels, vertexdezign, giants, joel.

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