Night Growth V1.101

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The night-growth Mod relocated plant growth into the night. In addition, (-> optional!) To global influence with him, the growth time, without having to edit for Maps.
Here comes the second (and last) find from my spares box-LS13. He was once the Mig-Map in beta.
The growth is stopped during the day and only between 0 and 4 clock – then go where any decent farmer sleeps the sleep of the righteous with the first cockcrow back to the work – resumed according accelerated. This makes it no longer locks the front of the box to sprout when you’re just starting for the last two rows increases with the sowing machines – or even worse a rotten corn directly in front speed chopper.
In addition, (again: can, and you have to be deliberately -> turn itself!) Be set globally and for all maps (including the normal maps) with the mod the growing season.
Set how? First thing first: If you only want to shift the growth in the night does not do anything. Besides the in the mods folder. Finish Description end;)
All others: The night growth sets similar to the drive control of an xml file in the root directory LS15, where the log.txt and inputBindings.xml lie. The night turns to growth with the field on and off (default: on, ie “true”). If you want to have to false set to “true” to adjust the growth time for all maps. The variable 24.000000 man (ms like giants ..) then represents the time per period of growth in hours. As a suggestion from my side just stand there times 24 hours there – which I personally feel is useful value and which fits well to Nachwachstum.
Brief explanation of what “growth phase x hours” means: this is true for wheat growth rate “normal”. Everything else is adjusted relative thereto. Potatoes and beets so still need a little longer on the standard map, and entered on the Map Mod green manure crops are also still a factor faster, the mapper has entered there.
Have fun watching plants grow in the moonlight;)
Oh, who died box dancing gets a Demeter bonus to the proceeds during growth.


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