Niederbayern Map

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The map itself has remained almost the same, but the train station and the forest part came newly added (all trees were replaced). Revised Here and there a few things and adjusted. The designed area of the map is approximately 1/3 of the Standartmap. I have deliberately kept small, there are a total of 12 small to medium sized fields. The tree textures I have adapted. The look in my opinion now of much more natural. All trees are precipitated.
Manure and Mistmod was installed with self create or adapted textures. Chopped Straw is also included, but is not necessarily required. The same applies to the slurry / Mistmod.
On the farm you can sell the Heugebläse in the stable (on the back of the main building) hay and straw. Behind in the same building is the trigger where you will see your money against bales off.
Everything for playing important works in this first version already. Missions and Goldcoins but there is none.
Dealers I have not installed, you will get your machines delivered directly to the court)

Required Mods: Animation map trigger

Lugge.96, Katsuo, Steffen30muc, kingkalle, Fatian, L4Icce, Thorne, Janhenrik, Fendtfan1, eifok team.

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Farming mods

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