Newbie farm 2013 v5.0 (Multifruits)

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Welcome to Newbie Farm V5 the final version. A lot has changed with some of those changes making huge differences, here’s a run down on some of those changes.

Street have been replaced with cobble stone texture (this took a very long time and was purposely left bumpy to add to the feel of it been an old road.

Hedges have now all been replaced with paintable ones, this was to help reduce loading times and average frame rates hopefully allowing those with lower spec rigs to also have the chance to try the map out (those who still have issue’s can remove the tree’s via giants as that should drastically help reduce things so your machine can handle the map).

Farm layout has been changed to help give it a more farm like feel. Although this map was never designed to be a European style map its turned out to look that way, this isn’t a problem because the end result is the map looks much more polished and how I imagined it back in FS11.

Growth times for all fruits still keep the same idea (the more profitable the fruit type the longer it takes to grow) however all growth times have been lowered a lot and yields have been modified to help balance things out a little more.

Pallet collector has been added, this done because the placeable one didn’t work that well due to the bumpy nature of the terrain.

Note this map uses the following scripts:

  • Fruit yields,
  • Fruit Hud,
  • Water mod (part of the animal mod),
  • Registered Fruits,
  • Pig script.

Important the following mods are required for this map to work correctly:

Please note that the DLC (it is free now) classic farm equipment is a must as all your starting equipment and vehicles are part of that pack:

  • PDA mod from Decker:

For added realism see these mods:

  • Fuel adjustment mod:
  • Manual ignition:

Giants, LS-UK, Katsuo, Xentro, BG IVAN, WBF-contracting1, NI Modding, Farmi, modelleicher, TwistedGA, nlinetec, tim, sandgroper, MultiMikie123, Marhu, GhillieSniper, Prlek Modding, Tessmann85, Neurotek, Decker, TwistedGA, Xentro, kaosknite, ZeFir_POLAND, WKubota, Weltbauer, Bernd Bauer, FreddyK, LwFarming, Eribus, Blacky_BPG.

Karla, Kevin.P, Nightcop34, Iain Robson.

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