Newbie Farm 2013 V4 Multifruits

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Newbie Farm 2013 V4 Multifruits

Welcome to Newbie Farm V4, A lot has changed since FS11. Mountains added to give some detail to the map and take away from boring views, hedges around all the fields, tree’s placed to add to the realism but without making it so only gaming computers can run this map (still need a decent computer though). Above everything though, the map is ported over to FS13 and brings with it the features you can find in FS13 aswell as some new ones, like new fruits, pigs and the chance to give your cows water and give the chickens water and wheat. There is 24 fields, of which you own just 1. Its your job to bring this farm up to modern time standards with new equipment, it won’t be easy though as the machines you start with are very old and slow. This map was created around the idea of the game been played on the hardest difficulty, growth times are long and based on the fruit price. The higher the fruit is in price the longer it will take to grow. Because in earlier versions some people requested the crash detectors be removed from the fields hedges, I have done so. I have also removed them from the tree’s, its very unrealistic but does make it more multiplayer friendly (maybe another version with the crash detectors will be uploaded at a later date if requested enough).

This map has been tested in both single player and multiplayer (around a total of 35 hours )with the latest public beta patch 4 and the only error reported was a UV error caused via the streets. This has been a known issue since it was ported over from FS11 and doesn’t effect the game.

Note this map uses the following scripts:
Fruit yields
Fruit Hud
Water mod (part of the animal mod)
Registered Fruits
Pig script

Newbie Farm 2013 v4
Log Changes:
* Following fruits removed, Tomato, Cucumber, Onion, Carrot and Cabbage.
* Pig Breeding added to the map.
* Pig sliaughter house added for selling pigs.
* Storage sheds for Tomato, Cucumber, Onion, Carrot and Cabbage.
* Sell points updated.
* Grass planted on remaining fields.
* A few tree’s added.
* Sheep zone hedges moved further out to the edge to allow for more room for vehicles to get past.
* Growth times modified.
* A few little tweaks to some crop prices.
* PDA Updated.

* Pig breeding building lowered so trailer can reach pig trigger.
* Fruit script added to samplemap.lua, which in turn fixes the seeder problem (all seeders could be used to plant any fruit type).
* Some terrain fixes.
* Rye price fixed.
* Sunflower price fixed.

Known Issues:
* Street causes UV error in log.

Total Growth Times For All Fruits: these growth times are based on the game speed real time and growth speed set to fast. (note the more profitable the fruit type the longer it takes to grow).
sunflower ============= 168 hrs
rape ================== 120 hrs
hemp ================== 110 hrs 13 mins
greenwheat ============ 96 hrs
millet ================ 84 hrs 26 mins
oat =================== 72 hrs
wheat ================= 60 hrs 26 mins
barley ================ 48 hrs
maize ================= 36 hrs 26 mins
rye =================== 36 hrs 26 mins
sorghum =============== 24 hrs
sugarBeet ============= 24 hrs
potato ================ 24 hrs
grass ================= 67 hrs

* Katsuo
* Xentro
* WBF-contracting1
* NI Modding
* Farmi
* modelleicher
* TwistedGA
* nlinetec
* tim
* sandgroper
* MultiMikie123
* GhillieSniper
* Prlek Modding
* Tessmann85
* Neurotek
* Decker
* jengske_BE

* Karla
* Kevin.P
* Nightcop34

Uploaded By :
Farming mods

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