Neuero NL10 Aussensilo v4

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(plazierbare Außensilos)

Version 4.0
Fruit varieties added (sunflower, wood chips, has spelled, rye, triticale); changed textures; reduced file 23.6 MB

In diesen Aussensilos können verschiedene Getreidearten gelagert werden!
NL10/16 Volumen: 700.000 Liter
NL10/20 Volumen: 875.000 Liter
NL10/24 Volumen: 1.050.000 Liter
wheat rape maize barley pellets

Änderungsprotokoll zur Version 3.0 vom 07.02.2016
Fruchtsorten hinzugefügt (sunflower, woodChips, oat, dinkel, rye, triticale)
Texturen geändert
Datei auf 23,6 MB reduziert

Für diesen Mod ist das “UniversalProcessKit” von “mor2000” erfoderlich!

Uploaded By :
Farming mods

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Author: Kyosho's Modfactory

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  1. Chief

    This mod does not seem to Work. It loads into Farming Simulator but when you select “buy” it brings up the map but there is no shadow of the silo so you can place it anywhere. Several on Steam Forums looking for an answer

  2. Chief

    Update – This mod requires the AAA_Universalprocesskit mod – then it works

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