My Little Country

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There are 10 fields to be farming. The largest field has 12.49ha. As usual, the cow pasture (right on the farm) is a little sheep away from the farm and of course the poultry with a large welfare gate. The yard is adjusted as usual in my style.

This map has the standard LS15 fruit varieties. The feed store is right on the pasture, manure manure and grass bales chopped and you can at the nursery.
In order to get a loan from the bank or to pay it back you have to go to closest village.

Special features of this map:

  • Manure and manure mod
  • Pig farm v3.2.5b
  • WaterMod V3.1.5
  • Feed stores
  • Sugar Factory
  • Ground textures
  • Rape texture

Funky, Beschreibung

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Farming mods

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  1. Sheathanaich

    I’m very picky when it comes to maps that I want and like to play on. This map ticks all the right boxes. It’s got a very well laid out farm yard with ample space for vehicles. Latest techie mods in Water/GMK. I installed the Straw mod myself . Just enough fields of varying size to make this a great single player map. I really big one for me was that NOT ALL the fields are owned at beginning, so you can really aspire to try and own all the fields and work them. I would have likes the fields to be a little more expensive, but that’s easily done with notepad++. I just added a zero at the end of each field price. Constructive critique would be : I’m not a big fan of multiple sale points. One or two max is enough, as in real life prices are usually fixed way before harvest, with little fluctuation.
    All in all a really nice single player map with many added functions 5* product


  2. Chris

    FANTASTIC MAP! I absolutely love it!!! Have played it for a while and it just keeps pulling me back to it. Forget the other maps, this one rocks! The fields are HUGE! There are good obstacles and lots of traffic. The roads are incredible! Everything is very well thought out. This should be the next default map for FS 2016! It’s that good! Kudos to the map maker!

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