Multi Fruit v2.1

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The Multi – Fruit Mod upgraded as a global mod new fruits in existing vehicles automatically. He does this in the context of what is present in the models. That he uses only existing fillplanes, Particlesysteme etc.

Example: If a trailer can load barley, then there is no reason why he can not load oats . The mod is bearing in the hanger already can barley oats as additional fruit , and it uses the fillplanes and Particlesysteme for barley.
Just thanks to the threshers , shovels , presses, loader wagons etc.

Supported fruits: silage, forage, sunflower, soybean, oat, rye, hemp, rice, millet, spelled,triticale, poppy, green wheat, millet windrow, triticale windrow, millet windrow, dinkel windrow, oat windrow, rye windrow, hemp windrow.

This means that with this version you can now also in each trailer and each blade the chaff can load also silage and mixed feed! :)

Short note about the Sowing: In some maps scripts which types of fruit are also there, subscribe to seeders. So here Please surprised if some show up but not fruit in the drilling that do not belong there – then that was not the Multi Fruit.

Mods that are explicitly supported by the script: Lexion of SFM, variable body- speci.

Mods make the difficulties:
Easy flow from Beast Pack.(Here’s the script does terrible things in the fruit types entries and brings a lot of messed up a version of the pickup, script is run with the Multi Fruit can download it here:

Unsupported Mods:
The change body types Specialization. Unfortunately This includes the popular Brantner of Katsuo. But otherwise (almost) no other mod uses this speci you to please builds itself around. The ÜLW from the Titanium pack. Here simply lacks the script documented at present.

Tested on MIG Celle, Andres Multi Fruit , grazyland 1:51

Multifruit-Skript: upsidedown
Gobale Register: SFM-Modding/gotchTOM
Closed BetaTest: bullgore Meyer123 Schorschi Fin
Open Beta: die Modhoster-Community – vielen Dank für das konstruktive feedback! :-

Uploaded By :
Farming mods

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