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multifruit map with additional fruit
onions carrots oat triticale rye soybean sunflower and chopped straw fashion
Animal on this map are.
cows chicken sheep pig 2x 2x beef lamb sheep2 cow2 chicken2 goose rabbit horse and ostrich.
production map has many production outlets

1) Greenhouse production for cabbage lettuce tomato raspberry strawberry and cauliflower.
with built in pallet mover sampler and the chaff waste gets sold automatically when full.

2) Potato and sugerbeet washer
potato and sugerbeet washed output in pallets to be moved then sold
with pallet sampler for upto 4 or 5 pallets and meters for every input and output.
… I changed the triggers for this to work properly ….
3 Slaughter house production for 4 different types of pallets ham salami steak bones and chaff waste.
with pallet sampler.
4 Brewery beer production beer pallets and chaff waste with pallet movers
5 Seeds and firtilizer production on map

6 Sheep cutter building
This building needs young_sheep2 bought from the market to be sold as shired then another_sheep2 at the Abattoir.

7 Milking station building
This needs to produce milk young_cow2 Then They can be sold as another_cow2 at the Abattoir.

8 CompostFillingPlant
Produce compost from windrow or bales ..this will produce pallets that move then are automatically put in your compost storage.

9 egg laying station to produce pallets of eggs to be sold and pallete sampler to move pallets
there is over a 100 fileable items on the map as the multivitamin128 mode is in the map already
Other buildings and sell points.
There is a port, grain elevator, farm shop to sell nearly everything.
village to sell your many pallets so the pallets can be sold at the Spinnery.
lumber yard. loads of bridges were you can get water from for the productions for free.
animal market to buy young animal for the productions.
Placable areas near farm to place if you like the any placeable items
storage for wheat_windrow grass_windrow chaff silage manure forage liquid-manure triggers to turn into bales manure

PLEASE NOTE dass die download includes 3 zip files (the map) (Trailer for bales and all pallets
extract all 3 modes to your folder.

Modes you may need.
thats it i think?

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Farming mods

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Author: giants pinguar scooby marhu farmer andy

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