Mr Fontaine magnitude 55 beta

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Mr Fontaine magnitude 55 beta

Fontaine magnitude 55
The Fontaine is an expandable trailers with many features. The trailer will be released as a BETA, since he is not multiplayer enabled. The Fontaine magnitude 55 is on extendible low boy trailer with lots of functions. The trailer is released as a BETA, because its not MP-ready. Make sure you watch the video (tutorial for the trailer).

More Realistic Mod REQUIRED.

No multi player capability! / / Only this mod is a BETA. Errors may occur
Fully animated
All functions of the vehicle as well as on the trailer can be operated

Mr Fontaine magnitude 55 beta 2

Model: Xentro
Texture: Xentro, Katsuo
In-game: Xentro
Script: Xentro, PES 4ever

Uploaded By :
Farming mods

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  1. Matt

    When I try to buy this ingame I get the message “No more Space! Remove the purchased items first!” when the lot is empty. is there another file I need or is it an issue with the trailer being too big?

    1. Farming mods

      Hey Matt!

      Are you using mod realistic? Because in order to use this mod you need to use mod more realistic. Download it here:

      1. Matt

        Thanks for the info, no i wasn’t will give it a try to see if that is what’s needed

  2. Simon

    I could not get the control to raise the gooseneck to work, tried, different versions of MR, running latest version of game, not getting any errors. The control to lower it worked, and so did the other controls.

    I managed to raise the trailer with a front loader to attach it to see if that would make it work

  3. aaron

    it’s a pretty decent mod but i am getting rid of it for 1 fact. it is over realistic (more than real life) when trying to back the gooseneck into the bed. i mean if you’re not dead on it won’t let you attach the bed.

    i attach trailers all the time in my line of work. granted not goosenecks or lowboys but i know from experience you don’t have to be dead on. if your close enough and do what you want to do, it will shift in place on it’s own.

    so i’ve sold the trailer and deleted the mod. until this is fixed i’ll have to bear it with my other trailer which isn’t cutting it for larger implements i want to transport.

  4. Gordon

    Same problem as Simon except I can’t get any controls to show up to lower the trailer so that I can disconnect the gooseneck . The control for it isn’t showing up for me .

  5. mackenzie

    how do you get the gooseneck to detach?

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