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This is the crown Emsland in green, the grains and fruits can invite.
This is the crown Emsland in green did can load Grain and Orchardfruit.

This green crown Emsland trailer is a version for the MR ApfelMod of moor2000: and cereals.
I have taken the trailer, rebuilt in More Realistic and the standard cereal Plan included to make it a little more useful.
Refillable with: apples, pears, cherries, plums, oranges, wheat, canola, corn, barley, potatoes and sugar beets.

This green Krone Emsland Trailer is a MR version for the ApfelMod by moor2000: and Grain.
I have Extracted the trailer, converted to More Realistic and added the standard Grain Planes, so its a little more usefull.
You can load Apples, Cherries, Plums, Oranges, Wheat, Rape, Maize, Barley, Potato and Sugarbeet.

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Farming mods

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Author: Emsland textures and Fruitplanes: mor2000 - permission confirmed Emsland Texturen und Obstplanen: mor2000 - Freigabe bestätigt MR and Extention: realisticpunk MR und Erweiterung: realisticpunk

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