More Realistic game engine v1.3.61

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This is the official V1.3.61 version of the moreRealistic Engine.

Please note I will not embed the “” (default “mr” vehicles pack) anymore. You will have to download the latest “vehicle pack” independantly.


  • Works best with Giants patch 2.1 final.
  • Please read the embedded manual for more information.

Lastest changelogs:


  • Use another way to fix the “vehicle on ice” problem (so that there is no more problem with the “WeightStation” mod).


  • Fix implement (not steerable “realisticVehicle”) not falling in sleep mode anymore since v1.3.59,
  • Added “seedling” fillType (10kgs and 27.65€ per seedling).


  • Fix missing fillLevel display on some implement since V1.3.53 (example: Marshall VES2500),
  • Fix vehicle moving very slowly after leaving it,
  • Fix missing “too fast warning message” for tedders and rake, client-side.

Giants: base game highly “moddable”;
SFM-Modding / Xentro: alternative Tipping;
Dural: “mr engine” and base vehicles conversion;
Maxter: german translation.

Uploaded By :
Farming mods

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