More Realistic Farming Classic Pack

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More Realistic Farming Classic Pack

This is the Free DLC – Farming Classics Package which have been converted for the More Realistic Mod.


An oldtimer front weight have been added to the package to be used with tractors that have an front trailer attach point.

Before you ask about the warnings, invalid fillType, then they are normal for none multifruit maps that don’t have those fruit types, so they are only there to tell you that, It will not effect the game.

FruitType Added:
Lizard Trailer: Oat, Rye, Sunflower, Peas, Beans, Linseeds, Chaff, Forage Mix, Grass, Hay, Silage, Straw(wheat, barley, oat) and Manure

Lizard Shovel: Wheat, Barley, Corn, Canola, Oat, Rye, Sunflower, Peas, Beans and Linseeds

Lizard Manure Fork: Chaff, Forage Mix, Grass, Hay, Silage and Straw(Wheat, Barley, Oat)

Bucher TRL 2600: Straw(Oat)

FAHR APN small baler: Straw(Oat)

Bug fixes:
Fixed where savegame did not save the small bale fill level, when they were inside the BaleLoader, resulting in a default fill level on 4500 liters instead of the normal 300 liters when loading a savegame.

BaleLoader would not push out all realistic bales, since the push force was to low.

The Gueldner G40 with front loader could release Fork or Shovel by right clicking, when you are not controlling the tractor.

Original created by: GIANTS Software GmbH
Converted to More Realistic by: Satis
Textures for extra FruitTypes by: tater salad
Oldtimer front weight by: VanillaIce83
Ingame tested by: Satis, dural, Decker_MMIV, tater salad and SloMo

Uploaded By :
Farming mods

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