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This is the Moorriem Map,
a map that is based on the plains north of Oldenburg NDS. Adapted to the LS can be found here not only pastures and Maisacker but all standard fruits.
The map is crisscrossed with trenches, flus and sluices, which are used for dewatering.
In addition to the narrow lanes caution even with the scarce pasture gates! Here you should be able drive.

A couple of facts:
102 Purchasable fields
3 Landhandel
2 villages
2 forest areas
railway station
New layer
Specially-made objects
Chopped Straw
mix feeder

be .Benötigt:
GMK Mod ( )
Mix Feeder Mod ( )
Chopped Straw (–2 )
Map animation trigger ( )

Does the Moor uncertain
Support for Map only

Special thanks to:
madabub for support during texturing of some objects and the contribute of noise barriers)
NKB-modding for support, review, testing, and MP tests
BaOD and Epicman for tests
Team Agrobuissnes for Meinungm, tests and Video
the Communtiy for positve feedback and opinion about the project: D

more links to my projects

This mod may, without authorization by me / us in no other sites for,
Download be provided. The mod may not be modified without the consent of the original modders
be or re-uploaded. The mod may only for Farming Simulator 2015
be used! Not for other games.
The new objects may be used only with attribution of authorship in the credits.

This applies to the following matters:
Dirt roads (deutzfreakwsm & madabub)
Bridges (Main and field: deutzfreakwsm & madabub)
Railroad crossings (deutzfreakwsm & madabub & JOPI)
Heck Damm (deutzfreakwsm & madabub & small farm)
Noise barriers (madabub)

Uploaded By :
Farming mods

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Author:  deutzfreakwsm NKB-Modding madabub kleinefarm JoPi Broesel Geneborg Xentro Katsuo Steffen30muc eribus Niggels Emsfarmer Timber131 El_Cid bluebaby210 Fatian webalizer Wenn ich wen vergessen hab, kurze PN an mich, wird natürlich eingefügt ;)

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